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Sale-Leaseback Specialist

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Shopping Center and Single Tenant Investment Sales and Leasebacks.

Represents Institutional Sellers and Developers in disposition of real estate
assets, forward committed purchases, and build-to-suits. Represents properties nationwide.

Sale Leaseback Specialist. Works directly with CFOs and other corporate executives to raise
quick capital through sale and leaseback of their own real estate.

Helps companies:

O Grow;

O Purchase competitors;

O Expand credit revolvers;

O Finance expansions;

O Save jobs;

O Avoid bankruptcy or foreclosures;

O Reduce tax liabilities;

O Remove debt, and

O Improve balance sheets.

Connecting with people to build strong businesses and strong economies.

From my undergraduate years to now, I’ve always been involved in many
different things and had a knack for working hard on more than one thing
at a time. In high school, I participated in the multi-sport event of the
Decathlon, and continued on with this in college. This nurtured my
competitive spirit, and allowed me to really practice persistence, practice, and dedication.

Since those more nimble youthful years and carrying over those skills,
I’ve developed a true passion for people and building relationships.
I enjoy connecting with people to build strong businesses and strong
economies. Strong businesses and strong economies all start with a person and a place.

You’re the person and I bring the “place.”

I want to help you build your business and positively impact the
economy around you through my primary work as a real estate agent.

I specialize in Sale-Leaseback transactions.
These transactions can help you truly grow your business by freeing up valuable cash.

Currently looking for Purchase/Lease-back single-tenant
properties in Texas. Cash Buyer- Trust
Have budget of $240,000,000. Minimum: $5,000,000.


O 100% of Fair Market Value – Versus 60-80% with conventional debt sources;
O Improve Earnings – Recognize the appreciated value of your real estate;
O Expand Locations – Increase market-share without depleting corporate capital;
O Special Investment Opportunities – Provide funds for mergers, acquisitions & other investments;
O Off-Balance Sheet – Favorable accounting treatment;
O Operational Flexibility – Maintain maximum flexibility for future real estate requirements.


O Coca-Cola
O Shell
O Walgreens
O Lowe’s
O Bank of America


0 Real property, anywhere in the USA
0 $5,000,000. minimum per property, or portfolio minimum
0 Single tenant or Seller Master Lease
0 Lessee must be corporation or entity, $50 million in assets, good credit, 3 yrs audited financials
0 Leaseback must be 15-20 years term
0 Seller-paid commission

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Also need Leased Medical Office Buildings to purchase in the Houston area.
Minimum: $2,500,000. Single or Multi-Tenant. Cash Buyer- (REIT)

Please call or email me at:

713-817-2965 (7 days/week, 24 hrs/day)


If you are looking at the Houston area for expansion, please call me!

EXPERIENCE: Since 1998, we have helped many:

Developers, Retail Anchors, Shopping Centers, Builders and land owners buy/ sell properties.
Knowledge, patience, and integrity are the qualities we offer our buyers and sellers.
Our goal is to meet your expectations with the highest integrity. Our clients are #1!

DETERMINATION: Whether you're buying or selling land, homes or income property,
we are dedicated to helping you define and achieve your real estate goals.

ATTITUDE: Assisting you with your purchase/sale of a
home or site for a building or a large tract of land for a
housing development is what we truly thrive on.

TRUST: As a Real Estate Consultant, we have been assisting
Home Buyers and Commercial Investors/Buyers/Users for over 15-years.


Chairman’s Club
President’s Club
Multi-Million Dollar Club
Member, International Council of Shopping Centers
Founding Member of the 7-Person Pearland EDC (1995-97)
Past-President, Pearland Rotary Club (2013-2014)
Member, Board of Directors, Pearland Rotary Club
Past-President - Pearland Exchange Club
Member, Board of Directors, Pearland Exchange Club
Lifetime Member, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
President, Gideons, Houston South-Camp
Lifetime Member, Gideons International

Lifetime Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Silver Director, SABA
BS, Math, Univ. of Memphis,
MS, Systems Mgmt at USC

MILITARY: USAF B52's, Vietnam

Please Call: Bob Lewis
PH: ~ (713) 817-2965